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Kevin Weaver and Major Sponsor End Partnership:

For Immediate Release:

Gibson City, IL - March 18th: Veteran Dirt Late Model Racer, Kevin Weaver has announced that the ten year long sponsorship agreement between his team, and Jimmy John’s Inc., has come to an end.

The future Hall of Famer stated, “It’s with regret that after ten years of strong support , Jimmy John’s, Inc. will no longer be on as a major corporate sponsor for my racing team this coming season.” Weaver went on to say, “I want to personally and publicly thank founder and Chairman of the Board Jimmy John Liautaud, President James North, and the entire corporate staff… well as franchises across the nation….for their great support through these last ten years. I cannot express enough, the appreciation I have for all of them, for the continued involvement they have had with me and my racing program.” And he added, “I know, that I can speak for all my fans and others across the country, in saying that the Jimmy John's name has run in unison, with that of "Kevin Weaver" and/or the "Flatland Flash" in the Dirt Late Model racing world and media, for that time span.

Weaver stated that his present plans are to go on with the upcoming season, but did want to add that he would be open to any new potential major and associate sponsors looking to support him this year, and possibly into the future. In regard to sponsorship, Kevin can be contacted directly at 217-781-8396, or through his website email address at:

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There are many websites that fans can access to attain complete results of events that Kevin races at, and many other dirt late model events around the nation.  Sometimes I'm able to put some of Kevin's event's complete results on.... but not always.  So, I have decided to add two direct links on this page, that you can click on to find out the most up to date results of events, as they happen in many cases, and also racing information and race schedules.


"" is a bulletin board type of site, that actually has access to many forms of racing information.  But, for those dirt late model fans wanting to find out results from Kevin's endeavors, or other events... on the same night as they occur (or the next morning, for those not willing to stay up to late to get the info), click on the 4m link below, and go down to the "Dirt Late Model Events" page, and click on it to bring up race results postings supplied by fans across the nation.


"" is a comprehensive site, that has links for a lot of dirt late model sanctioning organizations and a complete yearly schedule of most all of the major events around the nation.  


Both of these sites provide a valuable asset to dirt late model racing.... but, I will warn you, that the "4m" site is an open bulletin board, and unfortunately, there are a few "crazies" posting some less than valued information.  The site's managers do pretty well in keeping those to a minimum.  Typically, however, race results are very reliable.