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Kevin Weaver and Jimmy Johnís, Inc. Reunite for the 2018 Racing Season!

Gibson City, IL: 

Veteran dirt late model racer, Kevin Weaver and long time major sponsor Jimmy Johnís, Inc., with corporate headquarters in Champaign, ILÖhave resigned a contract for this upcoming season.  Jimmy Johnís, with well over 2500 locations through most of the United States, had been Weaverís major sponsor from 2006 through 2016.  Unfortunately, last season, the company was not able sponsor the Flatland Flash, but that did not stop the Weaver Racing Team from regrouping and working with founder Jimmy John Liautaud, President James North, and others at the corporation, to secure another deal for the 2018 season. 

A contract was signed this past Thursday the 15th, and the first public announcement was a special surprise to an overwhelming crowd at the Weaver Racing Party held last night in Weaverís home town of Gibson City.  There was a huge positive response to the news, as everyone was elated to have Jimmy Johnís back on the B12 for the coming season races.  The suspenseful announcement of the sponsorship deal was carried on Facebook Live, as it happened; and the video can be accessed through Kevinís Facebook fan page. 

Kevin, and the entire Team, wants to thank Jimmy Johnís and look forward to representing the company through this racing season!


Don Craig

For:  Weaver Racing Ent.